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IT solutions for insurance companies, insurance brokers and SMEs
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Solutions for Insurance Companies

Insurance Core System (iCS)

iCS has been especially created for the insurance industry. With iCS, insurance companies can manage insurance contracts and related processes, throughout their entire validity.

Insurance CRM (iCRM)

This Front Office solution has been designed for insurance policies sale, customer relationship management and also sales force management.


This solution manages claim files and offers real time tracking of the claim file, from the claim opening until its settlement.

Insurance Assistance

The smartphone app "Insurance Assistance" helps the insured person make an electronical claim notification, obtain GPS location of insurance company's branches and also helps him connect with roadside assistance companies, service stations for his car, police stations etc.


Business Intelligence for Insurance (iBI)

iBI is a Business Intelligence solution that was designed for the insurance industry. It contains over 200 reviews and reports covering all decision making processes from an insurance company.