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IT Solutions for insurance companies, insurance brokers and SMEs
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IT Solutions for insurance industry and business environment

Solutions for Insurers

IT solutions for insurance companies
Due to our over 10 years experience in the insurance field, we have developed business solutions adapted to this segment. They regard the administration of insurance contracts and of all related processes, sale and electronic issue of insurance policies, customer relationship management, claim files management and they also offer support in the decision-making process, based on analysis and reports.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

IT solutions for insurance brokers
Business solutions are indispensable in any field, but when it comes to insurance brokers, these solutions represent the condition of their existence in the market. Using i-Tom solutions, developed for this fields, insurance brokers are able to make decisions based on detailed analysis, they can easily manage customer relationship, which leads to superior services and thus to increased competitiveness.

Solutions for SMEs

IT solutions for SMEs
Business processes can be easily managed and automated through our solutions, tailored to each type of business. All the elements that compose a business are treated with equal importance: clients, suppliers, resources (material, human, financial, time), tasks, activities, campaigns etc. The manager can make descisions based on analysis and reports, that contribute to company's growth and development.